4 Rooms Closed Off After Discovery of Mold at UPMC McKeesport- All Natural Relief Available

Ohio, 13 November 2018 -- Four rooms at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have been closed off for remediation after a small amount of mold was found in them this week during maintenance, a statement from the hospital said.

The four rooms, which are on two adjoining floors, were unoccupied. The mold was found behind walls. The hospital noted that air quality tests show no patients were exposed to the mold.

UPMC McKeesport noted that remediation is underway, but there is currently no indication of when it would be completed. Most mold remediation contractors, rely on toxic chemicals and their solutions are often temporary.

According to the hospital, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has been notified about the issue.

Since 2014, UPMC has been on the receiving end of multiple lawsuits over mold-related deaths. "Safety is our top priority, and our patients, staff, and visitors can be assured that UPMC takes this issue seriously," the statement from UPMC McKeesport said.

Several schools in Pennsylvania have been affected by mold over the past two months. At the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, students have been temporarily relocated to a hotel and other dorms due to recurring mold and mildew in some buildings.

Molds and mildew are particularly dangerous in hospitals. They not only affect the building but can lead to serious health infections for patients with weakened immune systems.

There are many ways to deal with mold. Traditional mold remediation relies on toxic chemicals demolition and cleaning to accomplish the task. Sadly, traditional approaches to mold removal not only fail to be successful in the long run, but also leave behind traces of chemical poisons that can make occupants or families sick.

Additionally, not only do they leave traces of poison, but traditional mold clean up, fails to address the secondary metabolites of mold, like the mycotoxins or poison the mold makes, the MVOC’s or poisonous gasses the mold makes, and even the microscopic proteins that comprise the mold itself.

Unfortunately, mold victims often spend a lot of money hiring so-called mold remediation experts, only to discover that the treatments fail, and the structure or family remains sick. One can even get estimates from ten different mold companies and hear ten different approaches to supposedly solve the problem. This makes hiring a mold professional a daunting task and very difficult.

At Safe Mold Solutions, we have solved that issue. Our company was founded by an internationally renowned mold expert and best selling author, who wrote the book Got Mold? Now What?: A basic guide to understanding and correcting mold in your home.

With traditional chemical solutions used to treat mold in your property, spores are released in the air. Most mold remediation technologies fail to address mold spores at all, and the fungus can grow again when these particles settle down. Our unique all natural mold removal system, utilizes a multi-step approach to spore eradication and uses completely safe natural products, followed by shock activated oxygen treatments, to prevent re-occurance by destroying the spores in the air and on the surfaces.

Traditional mold remediation, also fails to kill the roots of the mold. That’s right mold has roots, and if the treatment fails to kill the roots the mold will come right back, just like a dandelion comes back if you don’t kill the tap root.

At Safe Mold Solutions we use an All Natural Mold Removal System that relies on, all natural products to kill the mold permanently, including peroxygen, natural borate mineral salts, activated oxygen, and food safe probiotics.

Contact: Charles Boday, safemoldsolutions@gmail.com best selling Author of The Ultra Dry Basement, and Got Mold Now What? Or visit www.safemoldsolutions.com at 800-948-4947 to solve a stubborn mold problem or buy a DIY Mold Removal Kit or visit www.ozonegenerator20000.com 800-240-8514 to buy an ozone generator, to blast away mold and mold odors.


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