IIFYM Announces Launch Of New Macro Calculator

July 11, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Tempe, Arizona based IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) recently announced the addition of a new Macro Calculator function to their website, which visitors can use for free at any given time.

Anthony Collova, founder of IIFYM and creator of the world’s first and best macronutrient calculator, is the person responsible for the addition of the website’s new tool. The Macro calculator is expected to help the thousands of visitors that come to IIFYM's website seeking information on how to reach their weight goal and how to determine the number of calories they should consume to find success.

Collova states, "I understand just how difficult it can be to navigate the weight loss process as someone who does not know anything about the topic. Every website talks about tracking your macronutrient consumption, though none of them explain how to do it. This is what led me to create the first macro calculator over 10 years ago, as I got requests from meal plan coaches and fitness coaches who asked me to build a diet calculator that would allow their clients to reach their ideal body weight. The tool itself allows people to effectively track their macronutrient consumption, easing the process of choosing a diet. Now, my calorie and weight loss calculators are being used in over 200 websites, helping thousands of people reach their objectives every year."

He adds that tracking macronutrient consumption, and reducing it to the recommended levels depending on the individual's goal, is the easiest way to burn body fat while still eating the meals they love. Accuracy and commitment are key when losing weight, as too much or too little of something can have negative repercussions to an individual's body health. However, Collova maintains that his process has been thoroughly tested and polished with respect to individuals with different goals and necessities. The function can be utilized by a variety of people, with only minor adjustments.

Collova says, "When people first see the number of macronutrients recommended by our calculator, they kind of freak out a bit. Their fear is that they will gain weight due to the high amount of carbs and calories we suggest. To this, I always say the same: Carbohydrates are not the source of the problem, but rather the solution. They build muscle, increase energy, and boost your metabolic rate—which helps you lose pounds while improving athletic performance. This change allows you to maintain your muscle mass, even if you have a sedentary lifestyle."

The whole process is based on consuming the right amount of grams of carbohydrates for the body, based on an individual's activity level. This will influence whether the calculator suggests an increase or decrease in carbohydrate intake for the user, allowing them to maintain a level where they burn fat with optimum efficiency.

"The goal of the program is to optimize your metabolic health so your body will burn fat and maintain your muscle mass, with or without exercise," explains Collova, asserting that by thoroughly following their program, users will no longer gain body fat, but rather burn it at an amazing rate. He adds, "I want you to be healthy, happy, and fit with a sense of well being, rather than hungry and moody. Fasting for days is not the solution to your problems, and will in turn only deteriorate your health. However, efficient macronutrient consumption goes a long way in burning unnecessary fat without compromising your health."

Anthony Collova has also developed other macronutrient calculators, which are similarly featured on IIFYM's website. One of the most popular ones described as his best Macro Calculator, which helps individuals calculate the exact number of calories in their drinks, which they may either convert into carbohydrates or fat depending on their training schedule. He says, "This is a solution for those times when you just want to have a drink with your friends without worrying about your diet. You'll get to keep an accurate track of how much you can drink before the fat you're consuming affects your weight, and you'll be able to make up for it later with exercise."

For more information regarding the Macro Calculator, interested parties may visit IIFYM's website, or reach out to Anthony Collova. They may also connect with IIFYM through the company’s social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.


For more information about IIFYM, contact the company here:

Anthony Collova
(623) 628-4302
1721 W. 10th Place #4B Tempe AZ 85281

ReleaseID: 60029244

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